January 13, 2013


HOME is the title of this page. Where is the HOME of your SOUL after it leaves the HOME of this body (2 Cor. 5:8), if you have eternal life (John 3:15) through Jesus Christ?  "For we know that if our earthly HOUSE of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an HOUSE not made with hands, eternal in the heavens" -2 Cor. 5:1.

Sam Henson: "What beautiful land is this?" 

Jesus Christ: "This is Beulah Land, the Home of the Soul, Paradise and Heaven." 

This book is an abiding testimony and true account of YESTERDAY, and TODAY and FOREVER that was shown to my Grandfather personally by Jesus Christ, whose person is the same Yesterday, and Today and Forever. This is the Website of 12 HOURS IN HEAVEN, the book containing Sam Henson's Visit to Paradise (2nd Heaven) and the tremendous Vision of the history of the Universe given to him in the 3rd Heaven. The Vision is what makes it so unique from any other NDE. Whoever reads this book will find this eyewitness account completely true when they get to heaven or hell, whichever place God sends them, which is forever. "Whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him"-Eccl. 3:14.  
  • After the Bible, this is the most important and enlightening thing you'll read this side of Eternity because it answers a lot of questions.
  • Whether your interest is Heaven, Creation, Prophecy or History --you will find this book together along with these website pages a treasure house because they delve into these questions and give astonishing answers that you will be staggered by.
  • The total amount of decisive Biblical and Scientific evidence that has been discovered and applied is overwhelming, arresting and compelling, to say the least. The knowledge you will gain is vital, essential and crucial to understanding reality. This is the reality that the Bible so amply discloses, but which is hidden to the understanding of the average reader who does not go beyond the best English versions and delve further into the Hebrew or Greek source material. 

                              August 1937
Sam & Flora Henson - 1936
Sam Henson was an Oklahoma farmer. In August 1937 he had appendicitis. Three days after an operation he was burning up with fever, hurting all over and had a premonition he was about to die. He prayed that he'd be allowed to finish raising his family. When the 7 p.m. nurse who had just come on duty came into his room,  he felt himself slipping away.  He said "I was there in no time," he was taken to Paradise.   

This is a true story & account of my grandfather's experience he had back in August 1937. The nurse that came on duty at 7 p.m. was a Christian lady and she told him afterwards that when she came into his room the Lord spoke to her and said "I want you to take good care of this man, he's Mine."  So she stayed with him all night long. He was dead for 12 hours.  He said that the hospital records then (1937) showed he was dead that long.

McAlester Okla. Hospital

My grandfather described in detail everything the Lord showed him, to my father some fifty years ago (1963). Sam Henson died in August 1977, 40 years later almost to the day.  If he were alive today, his detailed information could fill reams of books.  It is unfortunate that no one tried to publish it back when he was still alive.  At least the important major things were recorded here.

Carrying on the written work that my father had begun in the 1980's which was compiled from Sam Henson's own descriptive words, I am publishing this book which includes several enhanced drawings (left) originally made by my father, along with Biblical and scientific evidence that was just waiting to be discovered.

Sam & Flora Henson - 1911
Grandpa Henson (left) with son-in-laws Shug (middle) and Elmer (right)

When Grandpa was dying in 1977, he saw his son-in-law Shug (who had already died) in Paradise, holding Shug's grandchild that had died in infancy, making what would appear to be his third visit to Paradise.

Sam & Flora Henson - 1943
One time in 1949 while playing the piano at Church, he had a stroke and he said his soul went up to Paradise and made a U-Turn and came back down into his body. The members of the Church were all gathered around praying for him when this occured. This is what would be his second visit to Paradise.
He was a friend of Carl Albert (an Assembly of God man), also from McAlester Okla.  Carl Albert was elected to Congress in 1946, became speaker of the house in 1971-77.

My parents who went to be with the Lord and would have loved to see the book finally published today. My dad told this vision to countless individuals from the Fort Worth area including Pastors John Wilkerson (David Wilkerson's uncle) of Bethel Temple, Bob Nichols of Calvary Cathedral when they were at our home in the 1980's, due solely to our family business we had at the time. 
     Our Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
 who made it all possible 2000 years ago,
 without whose existence I would not exist.